Poetry Today

I choose the darkness…

I choose the darkness

The late lament of my soul

Held me hostage

Pain dropped in my bones

Paralyzed my love for you

Your existence pierced

My reality

And I’m left to

Curate my pain in silence©

©Paragonwords 2018

Poetry Today

There’s nothing wrong with hurting……

There’s nothing wrong with hurting. There’s nothing wrong with tears, failures, fears or sorrows. It’s in these failing moments that we discover our true strength. We unveiled the fact that we can rewrite our future, the past is the past, that we cannot change, but the beauty is! it cannot control you. Your imperfections will be the building block, your tears will be a pillar, your shame the cornerstone, your fears a shelter of acceptance, a haven of healing. This is the foundation of a new life. No one can define who you are. You are the writer, the editor and publisher of your story. Take your time, write it well, the world is waiting.

©2017 @paragonwords