Poetry Today

Tonight the moon died……


‪The ghost are restless‬

‪Their cries‬

‪Pierce the darkness‬

‪They came back‬

‪To where it all started‬

‪The merry go round‬

‪Of memories‬

‪Breaks the silence‬


The moon died

‪What was‬

‪Rise up again‬

‪Fools falling‬

‪Over their tongues©‬

©2017 @paragonwords

Poetry Today

Unfinished Portrait…..

‪I’ve lost the need‬

‪To love again‬

‪Unfinished portrait‬

‪Held pieces of her smile‬

‪Memories haunt‬

‪The night‬s

‪And the day‬s

‪Wept in loneliness‬

‪I forget how to breathe‬

‪How to sing‬

‪How to smile‬

‪Pain born and die‬

‪In my bones‬

‪My heart forgets‬

‪The taste of freedom‬

‪Oh to see her again‬

‪To feel the warmth‬

‪Of her tender arms‬

‪I would shake‬

‪The heavens©‬
©2017 @paragonwords