Poetry Today

Today Is The Day

Today is the day

Interrupt the sky

Break the halos

Kiss the silver lining

Lay between magnolia blooms

Hold the incessant

Beat of my heart

Spread out your ageless wings

Of topaz

Of rose buds

Taste the reward

In my words

In a valley of thorns

You are fire

And ice

You are majestic elegance

You are the lost melody

That is found deep

Within my trembling soul

You are delectable

My love

Rise up and be free©

©2017 @paragonwords

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Poetry Today

No Longer Fear


I no longer fear the night
Or the day
That arises from the dust
To snuffed out
What’s left of my
Will to survive
I welcome the
Pain with open arms
Fall into me
Break me
Ripped from me
The veins that
Penetrate each vessel
Filling my womb with the truth
Let it burn the darkness
From my lips
The reckless logic of defeat
Come now and save me
I need saving
I need your guiding hands
To walk me Into the light©




Copyrighted ©Paragonwords 2017

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