Nikki Moore

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A Place of Healing…


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Courage to change…

I like that

Your soul is quite

That you know

Who you are

Loving the parts

Of you that are unloveable

Embracing the scars

And the darkness

That once tormented you

You’ve found peace in chaos

And vulnerability

In your courage

To accept change

And that is a beautiful thing©

©2019 @paragonwords

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There’s nothing wrong with hurting……

There’s nothing wrong with hurting. There’s nothing wrong with tears, failures, fears or sorrows. It’s in these failing moments that we discover our true strength. We unveiled the fact that we can rewrite our future, the past is the past, that we cannot change, but the beauty is! it cannot control you. Your imperfections will be the building block, your tears will be a pillar, your shame the cornerstone, your fears a shelter of acceptance, a haven of healing. This is the foundation of a new life. No one can define who you are. You are the writer, the editor and publisher of your story. Take your time, write it well, the world is waiting.

©2017 @paragonwords

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I want to remember you


I want remember you

In the hereafter

Down where

My soul


Beneath the slipping

Sand of time

I want to remember


When my heart


And a thousand

Pieces of your memory

Screams and tremble

Within me

I want to remember

Your love

And your smile

Pearly white in the shadows©

©2017 Paragonwords