Poetry Today



I stand on the edge of despair

Eyes cast down

I gave up sometimes

Fearing I might not make it

Yet I keep holding on

Each day

I cry

Deep dark tears

Emptying my soul

I stumbled, falling, grasping

I keep holding on

I stand in the shadows

And there

I cried

My face masking

The pain that ripped at my heart

Deep, dark pain

Filling my soul with emptiness

I tried to remember a scripture

I once learned

The Lord is

My Shepard I shall not want

He made me

To lie down in green pastures

He restores my soul

I felt hope

Stirring within me

So I hold on

I knelt

Eyes to the ground

Praying, Seeking,

And there on my knees

He restores my soul

He refresh my mind

I cling to Him

And with a heart of love

He sets me free

I am crying now

But there’s no pain

No sorrow, no doubt

Only tears of Joy

I’m redeemed

Lifted up

I’ve found comfort

I’m free

To rest in His arms

Now I knelt

Eyes lifted towards heaven

And with a shout of victory

I know I’ve been forgiven

I rejoice in His presence

I step fourth in faith

And hope and love©



©Copyrighted 2017 @paragonwords

Image Credir-Pixabay

Poetry Today

The Faithful Must Stand


When darkness rest upon our lips
And all hope seems lost
Who among us will stand up
And pay the cost

When sorrow fill our hearts
And grieve blocks our way
Will there be one faithful enough
To fight for us this day

Should I run and hide
As we die in mournful numbers
Or will the faithful
Stand up and remember

Remember the days
When the world stood strong
Believing that with God
Nothing can go wrong

Now I called the faithful believer
To stand up and be brave
To stop the plans of the enemy
And pull us back from the grave


~~Nikki Moore