Poetry Today


Sometimes we care too much, love too hard, give everything we have without getting anything back…..and that’s ok.

……..never stop🌸

Poetry Today

You are an artist….

You are an artist

A healer of brokenness

The way you hold

The tattered pieces

Of my heart

The way you wipe away

My bitter tears

You have the power

To save my damage soul©

©2017 @paragonword

Poetry Today

Broken but strong….

‪I can see through‬

‪Your perfect halo‬

‪Your stealth disguise‬

‪I see your bruise‬

‪The scars‬

‪The secret pain‬

‪Etched in your‬


‪I know you are broken‬

‪But strong‬

‪And I want to‬

‪Reach in‬

‪And hug your

Damage soul

‪Damage soul©‬

©2017 @paragonwords 
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