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Courage To Change

I like that

Your soul is quite

That you know

Who you are

Loving the parts

Of you that are unloveable

Embracing the scars

And the darkness

That once tormented you

Youโ€™ve found peace in chaos

And the courage

To accept change

And that is a beautiful thing

ยฉ๏ธ2019 @Paragonwords 11/5/19

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Poetry Today

What Do You Know About Love…

Your love surged

In my veins

And I felt forever

Drawn in my blood

I knew in that moment

I would die daily

For you

I knew pain could not

Touch us

I knew the world

Could not break us

And at the end

We would fold into

Each other

And breathe as one

ยฉ2019 @paragonwords

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Even the walls are listening


The walls are soaked
Dripping out
The pain and prayer
Of a grieving heart
Laughter has died
My lips now quiver
In fear for the future
For my children, children
I pray for the light to stay on
In their hearts
For compassion to guide their hands
Maybe they will make the difference
Where we could not
Maybe they will bridge
The great divide
Maybe they will sealed the rip
That has ripped us apart
A holding of hands
One heart
One nation
One blood
One color
One God
I am still hopeful
Deep down in the silence
Beneath the darkness
A flame still burns
Iโ€™ve seen too much
Iโ€™ve bear too much
Iโ€™ve prayed too much
To give in now
I’m painting a rainbow
Over my scars
I’m washing the ugliness
From my tongue
I am speaking to the mountain
And the walls and the empty spaces
Receptive souls will hear
The broken hearted will hear
Grieving families will hear
The children will hear
The confused and disillusion will hear
They will come
They will listen
For in our bellies
Rooted deep we have an innate
Desire to see change
To feel hopeful
So today,
Come as you are
Hear my voice
Let change begin with you and me
One voice
One word
Softly spoken
Are you listening?

ยฉ2016- Nikki Moore

Words of Inspiration

It’s A New Day to Change your Mindset

Your task this week is to stop and listen to theย voices in your head. The loud ones, the silent ones, the annoying ones, the warningย ones. What are they telling you? What have you been ignoring? Normally we talk ourselves out of what needs to get done, we make excuses, we lower our expectations, we accept the norm.

Well, today you can change that, start by being still, quite your mind and listen. Tell yourself that every mistakes, every weakness, every low point in your life has brought you to this day. Stop apologizing for who you are. You are unique, courageous and strong and today is a beautiful day to change your mindset and change your life.african-daisy-3413_640
Nikki Moore
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