Nikki Moore

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New found peace…

Stand deep in the rain

Embrace the thunder

Pull the lightening into your soul

Unveil the pain

That torments you

Wash your bones free of rage

Drown your fears


Wake up with a new found


©2018 @paragonwords


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You knew I was broken…..


You knew I was broken

Scraps and bones remain

Still you walk on the edge of

Death with me

Whispering a thousand reason

Why you need me

Why together we are

light and darkness

And for your heart

To keep beating

You need my light……

……..I have never heard such beauty

such simple words

Holding me between life

And death©

©2017 @paragonwords

Image unknown….

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Calm my raging soul…


‪One day you will understand‬

‪What’s it’s like to be broken‬

‪What’s it’s like to love‬


‪To bled for words‬

‪That never came

‪To unravel‬

‪In tears‬
‪Until then‬

‪Hold me softly‬

‪Calm my raging‬


‪ ©2017 @paragonwords

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Unfinished Portrait…..

‪I’ve lost the need‬

‪To love again‬

‪Unfinished portrait‬

‪Held pieces of her smile‬

‪Memories haunt‬

‪The night‬s

‪And the day‬s

‪Wept in loneliness‬

‪I forget how to breathe‬

‪How to sing‬

‪How to smile‬

‪Pain born and die‬

‪In my bones‬

‪My heart forgets‬

‪The taste of freedom‬

‪Oh to see her again‬

‪To feel the warmth‬

‪Of her tender arms‬

‪I would shake‬

‪The heavens©‬
©2017 @paragonwords


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Broken but strong….

‪I can see through‬

‪Your perfect halo‬

‪Your stealth disguise‬

‪I see your bruise‬

‪The scars‬

‪The secret pain‬

‪Etched in your‬


‪I know you are broken‬

‪But strong‬

‪And I want to‬

‪Reach in‬

‪And hug your

Damage soul

‪Damage soul©‬

©2017 @paragonwords 
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