Poetry Today

Beautifully Brave

She is bold

Like the moon on a cloudy night

Refusing to be shunned

Light filtered through her

Like a sinners touch of grace

She rise higher than the sun

A lightening strike









©2019 @paragonwords







Poetry Today


She painted a rainbow

Over her scars

Hid the dark clouds In her bones

And carry on With all the bravery In the world©


Poetry Today

A mother’s bravery while breaking…..

For some, today represent the best and worse day of the year. While some gathers and share in the joy of family, others are torn by the lost of a child or a mother. Today, may our hearts be tender to those that are hurt and broken. For those that have no idea what it’s like to have the love of a mother. For mother’s that lost their child, whether it’s to the system or death, we speak their names in love and hope, for a mother’s heart is a loop of unending emotions and they find the strength to be brave even when they are breaking.

Text©️ Paragonwords 4/12/19