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Don’t Give Up On Love Too Soon


I’ve seen it way too often, a lifetime decision made in the blink of an eye. A disruption of life, blindsided by betrayal, hurt by words, abused by love you though would save you. Emotions on life support, running on empty,  seeing no way out, you decided to walk away and gave up.

But I tell you this, sometimes you have to reach into the darkness and snatched back what was meant to be yours. You have to walk through the fire and rescue a heart that has lost its way. Sometimes you have to fight for what was meant to be yours.

Don’t give up on love too soon.






Writing© Nikki Sterling @paragonwords 2015-2019 All rights reserved.

Poetry Today

The Missing Face

The pain landed in her bones, a forever ache looking out from the wreckage of a fractured soul. What was meant to be a celebration has transformed into a gravestone. She walked the streets searching for signs of the gift she once held in her womb.

….the missing face

Text© Nikki Sterling @paragonwords 2015-2019 All rights reserved.

Poetry Today

The Rush

I don’t need light to see you

I can feel you in my veins

I carry your heartbeat

On my tongue

My soul trembles

With the need to hold you

Your taste is madness

You are the sweetest rush

I’ve ever known

Text and content© Nikki Sterling @Paragonwords 2015-2019. All rights reserved.

Poetry Today

Apple Blossoms

I’ve loved you

Ever since the Apple Trees


And the smell filled me


With a deep longing

To hold You

To kiss every line

on your ambrosial


There’s no more


In me

I’m no longer my own


Love buried in a field of


Your eyes


Begging the heavens

To let this moment







Text© Nikki Sterling @Paragonwords 2015-2019. All rights reserved.


Poetry Today




She wanted more than hollow words and pretty smiles, she wanted the darkness that lived in her mother’s eyes to touched her. She wanted to understand how someone so fragile could carry so much pain tucked away beneath her rib cage. All the damaged years, every lonely nights tells the same story.

She found a way to shine through the pieces of her fragmented soul.












Text© Nikki Sterling @Paragonwords 2015-2019. All rights reserved.