Nikki Moore

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Let the world hear you roar…..

They said you were weak

Simple and irrelevant

They threw you aside

Stepped all over you

Words of anger and hatred

Burnt scars in your soul

You crawled in the shadows

But you didn’t die

You were determined 

To strife

To rise

Like wind and fire

You didn’t die

You take root

In the heart of death

You are a survivor

A warrior

You build

And plan

And at the exact moment

When they thought you died

Your roots spread wide

And you rise

Like air

Like wind

Like fire

You rise stronger

Out of the barren ground

Up from between the cracks

And hardship

You soar

Filled with a purpose

A hope 

A plan

Taking the world by storm

Fulfilling the destiny

Of your ancestors

This is your life

You define your walk

Your strength

Your purpose

Your hope

Your dreams

No one

Can take that from you

Now rise

And let the world

Hear you roar©
©2017   @Paragonwords
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How I ache for you….




Fill my ordinary life

With rhapsody

And rhythm

Touch my naked soul

With your beauty

Love me in the wild

Amorous places of your heart

How I ache

For you©

©2017 @paragonwords

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I am still hopeful….

I am still hopeful, deep down in the silence

Beneath the darkness Aflame still burns

I’ve seen too much

I’ve bear too much

I’ve prayed too much

To give in now

I’m painting a rainbow

Over my scars

I’m washing the ugliness

From my tongue

I am speaking to the mountain

And the walls and the empty spaces

Receptive souls will hear

The broken hearted will hear

Grieving families will hear

The children will hear

The confused and disillusion will hear

They will come

They will listen

For in our bellies

Rooted deep we have an innate

Desire to see change

To feel hopeful

So today,

Come as you are

Hear my voice

Let change begin with you and me

One voice

One word

Softly spoken

Are you listening©

©2017  @paragonwords