Poetry Today

What Do You Know About Love…

Your love surged

In my veins

And I felt forever

Drawn in my blood

I knew in that moment

I would die daily

For you

I knew pain could not

Touch us

I knew the world

Could not break us

And at the end

We would fold into

Each other

And breathe as one

©2019 @paragonwords

Poetry Today

Apple Blossom…

I’ve loved you

Ever since the apple tree


And the smell filled me


With a deep longing

To hold You

To kiss every line

In your ambrosial


There’s no more


In me

I’m no longer my own


Buried in a field of


Your eyes


Let’s stay this way


©2019 @paragonwords

Poetry Today

Purity and Poison…

You are no mere poet

You my love

Is purity and poison

You are a lover

A healer of brokenness

You purged the pain

Of lost souls

Your words have filled

The empty cavity

Between my breast

You are a sonneteer

A lyricist

I have stitched your words

Into my soul

And my heart implodes

With beauty

©2018 @paragonwords