Nikki Moore

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©2018 @paragonwords

Image-Pinterest. Full credit.


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Darkness, light and the fragility of the soul….

I carry the future

In my womb

The hope of this generation

But I fear the impending


That hovers on the edges

Of my soul

The temptation to dance

In its fiery flames

Pulls me deeper

And deeper

To the threshold

Of fragility©

@paragonwords ©2018

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You knew I was broken…..


You knew I was broken

Scraps and bones remain

Still you walk on the edge of

Death with me

Whispering a thousand reason

Why you need me

Why together we are

light and darkness

And for your heart

To keep beating

You need my light……

……..I have never heard such beauty

such simple words

Holding me between life

And death©

©2017 @paragonwords

Image unknown….

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Calm my raging soul…


‪One day you will understand‬

‪What’s it’s like to be broken‬

‪What’s it’s like to love‬


‪To bled for words‬

‪That never came

‪To unravel‬

‪In tears‬
‪Until then‬

‪Hold me softly‬

‪Calm my raging‬


‪ ©2017 @paragonwords