Poetry Today

Why do you write….

Life is not perfect, the days are evil and harsh, we closed our eyes to the bad and indifference. We cry and laugh, we live and die, we write to remind our weary souls that life is not pretty, but it’s worth living©
©2017 @paragonwords 

Poetry Today

I am still hopeful….

I am still hopeful, deep down in the silence

Beneath the darkness Aflame still burns

I’ve seen too much

I’ve bear too much

I’ve prayed too much

To give in now

I’m painting a rainbow

Over my scars

I’m washing the ugliness

From my tongue

I am speaking to the mountain

And the walls and the empty spaces

Receptive souls will hear

The broken hearted will hear

Grieving families will hear

The children will hear

The confused and disillusion will hear

They will come

They will listen

For in our bellies

Rooted deep we have an innate

Desire to see change

To feel hopeful

So today,

Come as you are

Hear my voice

Let change begin with you and me

One voice

One word

Softly spoken

Are you listening©

©2017  @paragonwords

Poetry Today

Tonight the ghost are restless…



The ghost are restless

Their cries pierced the darkness

They came back to the place

Where it all started

The merry go-round of memories

Breaks the silence


The moon died

Ephemeral love

Rise up once again

A witness to reality

Unfaithful hearts

Greedy Eyes

A nation of fools

Falling over their Tongues



©2017 @paragonwords