Poetry Today


Heart in denial

Soul gleams

In the eye of rejection

Another day

Recovering bits and pieces

Hiding behind

The perfect smile

Learning to walk

On broken feet©
 ©2017 @paragonwords

Image credit-broken_soul_by_slashriot

Poetry Today

Creating beauty out of ashes


My heart is heavy

Filled with a litany of devotion

At times I feel the universe

Searching deep within me

exposing the secret places

where my words are born

Where they take the form

Of beauty and love

A tangible space

Where my soul breathes

Life into dead things

Creating beauty

Out of ashes©



©Copyright 2017 @paragonwords

Poetry Today

Time has failed me…..

Living with demons

In dark secret places

Silent cries

Embellish the night

Tongue bleeding words

Of lies

This human heart

Frail and cold

Trembles within me

I fear time has failed me

Yet here I am

Broken, unflinching

Waiting for you to

Cast out this darkness

And rip the ugliness

From my tongue©

©copyright 2017 @paragonwords
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