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Daddy Dearest Memories

Daddy! I didn’t finished telling you about that cute guy

I met in the store last Tuesday.

Or that new sweet Mocha flavored coffee I bought you.

Why didn’t you say goodbye?

Why did you leave me when I long so desperately for your reassuring smile?

Your deep calm voice that reaches the depth of the Ocean

With passion and pride;

Last night I watered the Tulips and picked the Tomatoes,

The Peas and the Carrots you planted not so long ago.

Daddy! Why didn’t you wait a little while longer, to see your handy-work

Tinge with the colors of forget-me-not.

You left me with sun ripened Tomatoes,

Peas embellished with the colors of the rainbow

And carrots that glowed like the evening Sun,

Your worn out gloves embraced me in comfort and your garden boots swallowed my endless flow of tears;

Daddy; if that was enough for me to go on?

Why do I still look for you in the empty rocking chair dozing peacefully by the fire?

Why do I still look for your strong and sturdy frame silhouette against the evening sky?

This morning I ran down the stairs, your oversize shirts flowing like angels wings in the gently morning breeze.

I sit and sip your memories from the coffee cup you loved so much, and smile

Inwardly, as I realized that despite myself,

I’ve found solace and comfort in your memories.


by Nikki Moore
© All rights reserved 2015, 2016
Poetry Today · Uncategorized

I will love you still


If tomorrow would turn gray
And all my joys and sorrows fade away
I will love you,

Until my bones shake
And I’ve lost all memories
Of the love we’ve made
I will love you,

Until the music dies
And all that’s left are mournful cries
I will love you,

When I’ve reached the end
And look back on all the brokenness
Our love has mend, even then
I will love you still.


by Nikki Moore
© All rights reserved 2015