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The Worst of Me

The worst of me

Entomb in the forge of night

Tearful eyes

Still seek the truth

Sentence reduce

The forgotten

Remain paralyzed©


by Nikki Moore
© All rights reserved 2015
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Forging Ahead


Speak to me my love
Speak softly to me
Let your sweet icy breath
Caress the fears
That stirs and trembles
Within me
Come to me my love
Come softly to me
Let me look upon your face
Reveal to me the secrets
That plagues your heart
Give me your secrets
I will sort them and bury them
Deep in the abyss of my soul
Take my fears and fill
My empty eyes
With love and hope
And promises of a better tomorrow
Hold on my love
Hold softly to me
Together we can break the shackles
That kept us bound
For this life is a journey
And I need your hands
And your feet, your heart to guide
Me along
As I will give you all of me
A broken union
Made whole
By refusing to give up on love
It’s a battle worth fighting
And we have fought
Forging ahead
Claiming victory
One step my love
One soft step at a time©


by Nikki Moore
© All rights reserved 2016